Five Generations – Still Here to Share Their Lives Together

Five Generations

Most of us feel fortunate to have three generations of family members living at the same time, maybe four, but five…I truly feel grateful! Let me introduce myself, I am Jamie Bratton, Rothamel Bratton’s Director of Marketing, also known as wife  and “boss” to attorney Chris Bratton J Pictured above is my mother Kathy holding our youngest daughter Ryley, myself, my great-grandmother Evelyn Miller, daughter Avery Bratton, and grandmother Elizabeth…Five Generations of women, grateful to all be here with me today.

Growing up, I always felt sort of triumphant to have my great grandmother there at major milestones; my high school graduation where she gifted me her cameo necklace, college graduation, and our wedding where I carried her lace handkerchief, all moments I was proud to have her there knowing it was rare. But when Chris and I had our first daughter Avery in 2009, I could only hope that my great-grandmother, Evelyn Miller, would still be around to hold her first great-great grandchild and snap that one picture my family would cherish forever showcasing five generations of women! Little did I know, 3 years later in 2012, Evelyn would also be there to hold her second great-great-grandchild, Ryley “Evelyn” Bratton.

Now, four years later, Evelyn will be 98 years old this July and has certainly lived a full life of love and happiness.

As a child of ten, Evelyn grew up in Philadelphia, later raising and supporting her four children on her own as a single mother. Needless to say, she was one tough cookie! She loved all things Philly, especially her beloved Phillies baseball, never missing a game. There are many reasons that made her influential for me, but most importantly she was independent, a hard worker, funny, and strongly devoted to her family. Nothing like a new baby in the family to light up her life! And with 10 grandchildren, 18 great-grandchildren, and 3 great-great-grandchildren, there were plenty of babies! As the matriarch of our family, I proudly say it was her influence and guidance that created such a great example for all us to follow and something I will always cherish.

Sadly today Evelyn suffers from dementia and is not able to recognize most of her grandchildren, but she will forever remain the heart of our family. I am certainly grateful to be of the lucky few to celebrate five generations!