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Committed, Professional, and Sensitive

“I hesitated working with an elder law attorney due to concerns about costs and timelines to implement needed steps. After working with Chris Bratton and his team, I’ve gained tremendous clarity on what we were pursuing, how we’d achieve it and when it would happen. Services provided were terrific and managed toward achieving success. His team were all committed, professional, sensitive and from comprehensive disciplines. When we needed a clarification on care and costs from the Nursing Home, the firms social worker acted on our behalf to expedite and remedy any misunderstandings. All of the mentioned achievements were delivered with cost certainty and in a supportive manner that represented our truly positive relationship. I know this firm operates within a genuine culture of professionalism. I would recommend Chris Bratton and his team in a New York minute! ”

–Michael M.

The Process

Before contacting Chris Bratton, we were apprehensive of the process as we felt that it would be very confusing. However, after working together, we have found relief and safety in knowing that our children, their wellbeing, and their future are planned for. Chris made the process easy to understand and used terminology that set us at ease. He has a good personality and “way about him” that calmed our fears and confusion. He related to us and as such removed all concerns we originally had. I would absolutely recommend Chris Bratton. Planning for the future is paramount to anyone’s future, as such we have mentioned to our friends and family that they should go through this same process. We also let them know that the process is completely scalable based on their needs and desires.

Rothamel Bratton clients Matt and Morgan

New Lease On Life…

Dear John,

I can not begin to express my thanks to John and Melanie. You and your team at Rothamel Bratton have been incredibly helpful in maneuvering this short sale, given all of its challenges along the way. Melanie is truly an asset to your firm. She was always steady, diligent, funny, very efficient and effective.

Thank you both for helping me start a new lease on life. I’m still finding my way without my late husband Louie, but this has been a great relief.

Sending you both all my best,

Absolutely Terrific…

My Thanks to you Melanie, you made this all happen in a quick efficient manner. Because of your work, I have recommended Rothamel Bratton to our office manager and all of our agents in the Long and Foster office. Many agents were looking for a reliable short sale firm. I will be an ambassador for you and your company because of the great professional work you have done for my clients.

I know what great customer service looks and feels like because in this day and age it is so rare that when you encounter it, it knocks your socks off.  I have put my socks back on and will not fear to tread in short sale territory again.

Once again, Thank you! You have been absolutely Terrific. I know you will do well in your future business endeavors. I spent 33 years at Sears, evaluating, hiring , and promoting our employees. It’s easy for me to see winners and losers, thank goodness your leadership spotted you as a winner.

Sincerely yours,
Vince Cavacini

Just a note of appreciation…

I had a great talk with Morgan today! She really helped me understand the process and all the reason why all this data is needed. She have great perspective and insight into Medicaid the Camden Cty system. She also gave me the reassurance I needed to feel like it’s going to get done and all will be okay.

Between all that you do in dealing with me and my mom on places and whatever other silly question or concern I text your way and all the efforts Morgan is involved with on the Medicaid side, I truly see and feel the value of working with true professionals. Hiring an eldercare firm has been one of the best decisions we have made since engaging on all matters related to moving my mother. I would be drowning in confusion and chaos without all of you.

Please pass my sincerest gratitude to the team on my behalf.

Thank you for making a very hard, emotionally-charged life event much easier to deal with and one I could never do without your support.

We feel extremely fortunate to have found Chris (Charles) Bratton.

As an unmarried same-sex couple, we were searching for someone who specializes in estates, wills and trusts and who also has an up-to-date knowledge of the changing laws regarding situations like ours.

Chris Bratton understood completely. He was extremely supportive, making us feel at home and well taken care of.

After speaking with our financial advisors and tax accountants, he was able to fine-tune our legal papers to better insure our protection.  We had minimal knowledge of the complicated legal issues. He patiently guided us through the process so that were able to make intelligent, well-informed, responsible choices for our future.

Shortly after completing our legal documents, the state of NJ legalized same-sex marriage. Chris was one again proactive and right on top of the laws as they were unfolding making all the necessary adjustments to our trusts, wills and other papers.

As our wedding date approached, as a show of support, he offered us the use of his office gardens for our ceremony. We were and still are extremely touched by his display of kindness.

We are sincerely grateful to have found not only a excellent attorney, but also someone who is caring and understanding. He and his staff are a rare find.  We couldn’t be happier with our experience.

A.B. & N.B.