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A lease agreement should always be signed by both the landlord and tenant with the best of intentions. A landlord expects timely rent payments; a tenant has a right to habitable living conditions. However, even with the best of intentions, sometimes tenants are not able to pay the rent. When this happens, landlords and owners of property in NJ, PA and FL can turn to an important remedy provided for in every well-drafted lease agreement: eviction.

If you own or manage a property in New Jersey, Pennsylvania or Florida and have maintained the dwelling to the specifications outlined in your signed lease agreement, but are not receiving rent from your tenants, you should speak with the NJ, PA and FL lawyer. Similarly, many tenants may fail to pay rent but have a reason, such as their landlord failed to make good on promises outlined in the lease. Our attorneys can help negotiate a settlement, or represent you whether you are a landlord or tenant. We will protect your rights every step of the way.

For Landlords: How to Start Eviction Proceedings

When a lease is violated the landlord has the right to seek an eviction to remove the person or business from the premises. Actions for collection or rent or damages are usually handled separately. State and local laws in NJ, PA & FL protect tenants from unnecessary eviction procedures so it’s important for landlords to work with attorneys who understand these complicated laws.

Common reasons for an eviction include:

  • Failure to pay rent or a rent increase.
  • Habitual lateness in paying rent, as defined in the lease agreement
  • Violation of terms of the lease, after written notice to comply
  • Residential homeowners can also be evicted for disorderly conduct, damage to the property, a drug offense or theft, or conviction or for physical crimes or threats against the landlord.

Even if the tenant has fully complied with the terms of the lease, a landlord can evict if the landlord no longer wants to manage the building, wants to convert the building into a cooperative or condominium, or if the property is subject to an eminent domain request. Be careful, in these cases the tenant may have rights to damages if the landlord doesn’t take proper action. Consult a knowledgeable eviction attorney for advice.

We Help Landlords Recoup Money after Eviction

Even if you are successful getting your tenant evicted, you likely still have an unpaid rent balance on the lease. Eviction proceedings won’t erase those debts. In fact, while you can send the account to collections and possibly obtain a judgment, you still may not get the past-due rent. Tenants who are evicted because they can’t pay the rent are unlikely to have ready funds to pay a judgment. However, you may be able to sue any guarantors to the lease agreement for unpaid rent and even costs involved in securing a new tenant. Talk to us about your options.

For Tenants: You May Have a Defense

Sometimes there are legitimate reasons a tenant fails to pay rent. We invite you to contact our experienced tenants’ rights attorneys at Rothamel Bratton. We will discuss your case and determine if we can help fight your eviction.

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A landlord wants the rent; a tenant wants to avoid eviction. Our attorneys are experienced negotiators. Through mediation, we may be able to stop eviction action, saving both parties time and money. Mediation discussion can often solve landlord-tenant disputes, clearing up confusion and re-establishing the relationship. We are here for you in areas like Cherry Hill, Mount Laurel, Moorestown, and Medford.

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