Experienced Lawyers Fight for Your Rights in NJ, PA and FL Courts

No one ever wants to go to court – whether the plaintiff or the defendant. However, if you’ve been wronged, or accused a wrongdoing, you have a right to an expedient, fair trial. When your business and reputation, living arrangements, or real estate is in jeopardy, there’s no time to waste. Delays can be costly and frusdting.

You need an experienced, knowledgeable lawyer by your side. Talk to the skilled negotiators at Rothamel Bratton when you are facing a legal challenge regarding your business, real estate, employment or estate. When a settlement isn’t possible, we will take your business, employment, real estate or probate case to court and defend your rights vigorously.

Put Rothamel Bratton’s Successful Litigation Experience to Work

The laws and regulatory guidelines that govern the way we live and work in the United States are ever-changing and complex. Our experienced litigators have many years of experience successfully winning court cases on behalf of clients, like you, who have been wronged by employers, tenants or landlords, and others in business.

Our Litigation Practice Areas

  • Business LitigationWe litigate creditor and debtor rights issues, intellectual property contests, contract disputes, business succession fights, construction matters and a full range of business issues. You work hard. We will work hard for you.
  • Employment LitigationWe represent employees and employers in employment discrimination matters, family leave rights and other actions protected by the Americans with Disabilities Act. Rothamel Bratton also has extensive experience in employee contract issues such as non-compete clauses and confidentiality agreements. We will protect your rights.
  • Real Estate LitigationWhether you are dealing with a Breach of Contract, a Title Dispute, Post-Closing Issue or something else, we can help.
  • Estate Litigation When someone dies and attention turns to a will, trust or other estate documents, there’s always a chance that tempers will flare. We will help protect you and make sure you get what you are entitled to receive.

Contact Rothamel and Bratton for your NJ, FL and PA Litigation Needs

Contact us for a consultation with an experienced lawyer at Rothamel Bratton. We will review your situation, explain your options and work tirelessly on your behalf to mount a winning case. Call 888-981-9510 or fill out our convenient online form. We have offices conveniently located in Haddonfield and Lawrenceville, NJ, Philadelphia, PA, and Fort Lauderdale, FL.