Proper Asset Protection Can Ensure a Happy Retirement

Assisting Clients in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Florida with Medicare, Medicaid and Long-Term Care Plans

You earned your right to a safe and secure retirement. However, for many seniors, unforeseen illnesses, economic downturns and changes to government programs affect the nest eggs they worked so hard to build. It’s never too late to put an asset protection plan in place, just in case the worst case scenario comes to pass.

At Rothamel Bratton, we believe in empowering our clients by helping them protect their assets and their property. We have a proven track record of helping clients in New Jersey, Philadelphia and Ft. Lauderdale achieve their short- and long-term goals. We offer sound legal counsel designed to keep you safe and secure through your golden years.

The Measures You Can Take to Protect What’s Yours

You worked hard for your money; you deserve to use it as you see fit. By putting an asset protection plan into place now, you can avoid being hurt later if unexpected circumstances arise. At Rothamel Bratton, we have been very successful helping our elder law clients with:

  • Long-term care insurance. Serious illnesses require more comprehensive medical care, which could lead to a stay in a nursing home. These facilities can be incredibly expensive, and Medicare doesn’t always cover the costs. By investing in long-term care insurance, you are setting aside money to cover the cost of home health care for you or your spouse, should the illness become too much for one of you to handle on your own.
  • Medicaid qualifying trusts. In cases where individuals have too high of a net worth to qualify for Medicaid, but want to protect assets for future generations, our lawyers can create a Medicaid qualifying trust. The laws regulating these trusts are highly nuanced, so it’s best to discuss your needs with us before you decide on this option.
  • Asset transfers. There are myriad benefits for transferring assets from jointly-owned accounts into the account of your spouse, your children, or a trust. Our elder care lawyers can walk you through the process and outline those benefits.
  • Pensions, IRAs and 401Ks. Retirement accounts are heavily regulated by the IRS. At Rothamel Bratton, we have a comprehensive background not only in elder care, but also in tax law. Our lawyers create asset protection plans that are rooted in an understanding of how retirement accounts work, and how you can safely utilize those accounts and protect them.

Our lawyers can help you set up wills, create trusts of any kind, and help administer your estate after you pass. By keeping up-to-date with the latest changes in tax laws and government regulations, we continue to safeguard the futures of our clients in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Florida every day. We offer you comprehensive care and counsel to help you enjoy your retirement and protect your future.

Learn about your asset protection options

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