Residential and Commercial Real Estate Leasing is a Smart, Affordable Option

Rothamel Bratton Handles Lease Review and Preparation for Clients in NJ, PA and FL

In an uncertain economy, many NJ, PA and FL residents are renewing their leases or entering into leases for the first time. Residential leases have many advantages over home ownership since the decision to lease means that you don’t need to qualify for a mortgage or need to lay out a hefty down payment. Instead, with respectable credit and a modest security deposit, a renter can be in a new home quickly. Similarly, businesses can likely afford more space when leasing as opposed to buying commercial real estate.

Leasing contracts can be downloaded from the Internet or you can get them from your real estate broker, but documents obtained online and from realtors are unlikely to provide you with the critical legal expertise needed to protect yourself, your company and your assets. It’s important to consult with an experienced real estate attorney, knowledgeable in all aspects of lease negotiations and contract drafting, as well as laws governing landlord/tenant relationships. If you are considering leasing property in New Jersey, Pennsylvania or Florida, we invite you to consult with the legal team of Rothamel Bratton to make sure you are protected every step of the way.

More Complex than It Seems; Leases Need Careful Legal Preparation

Disagreements are best addressed before any real estate lease is signed. Rothamel Bratton works with landlords and tenants in both commercial and residential transactions to negotiate and prepare leases that will protect your rights and your property. The firm also provides legal advice on tenant rights, landlord rights and counseling for evictions. Don’t rely on one-size-fits-all forms found online. Make sure your interests are protected by having legal documents relating to your real estate lease drafted by a knowledgeable attorney.

Rothamel Bratton Lawyers Cover Common Lease Issues – and Then Some

Whether you are an individual or couple looking for a new home, or a business owner needing office or warehouse spouse, or for any other real estate circumstance, we can help. Laws covering leasing transactions can differ from region to region. Our lawyers are proficient in all relevant laws in NJ, FL and PA.

All lease documents must be negotiated and drafted with your best interests in mind, whether you are the owner/landlord or renter. The more common residential leasing issues up for debate include:

    • Fees including rent, security deposit, utilities, taxes
    • Managing late or missed payments
    • Lease terms – renewals, terminations, sublet issues
    • Regulations regarding pet ownership
    • Stipulations regarding property use
    • Property maintenance and repair obligations

Issues Relating to Commercial Leases

Commercial tenants are different than residential tenants because when businesses are involved, consumer protection laws come into play. The experienced commercial real estate attorneys at Rothamel Bratton will guide you through the process, protecting your business and investment property every step of the way.

Common commercial lease questions handled by Rothamel Bratton include:

  • Who is responsible for maintenance and repair of the common areas such as parking lots and landscaping?
  • What obligations are shared with other tenants?
  • Who pays the property taxes and the insurance?
  • What public promotional aids such as signs are allowed?
  • Who pays for the utilities?
  • What say do tenants have on competitors?
  • Can the tenant purchase the property at some time?
  • Can a tenant be forced to move to another spot because a bigger tenant wants their spot?
  • Can the tenant request a zoning change?
  • When and how the lease is renewed or terminated?
  • Are there rules regarding sublets?

Contact Rothamel Bratton for Lease Preparation Advice

For more information on residential and commercial leases in NJ, PA and FL, contact us for a consultation with an experienced lawyer at Rothamel Bratton. We will review your situation, explain your options and draft the right documents to protect your rights. Call 888-981-9510 or fill out our convenient online form. We have New Jersey offices in Haddonfield, Lawrenceville, as well as one in Philadelphia, PA, and another in Fort Lauderdale, FL. We represent clients in all neighboring locations such as Cherry Hill, Princeton, Moorestown, and Medford.