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Real Estate Lawyers Who Protect Your Rights as a Tenant

Leasing is an excellent alternative to purchasing property. The option to rent, for both residential and commercial tenants, offers flexibility and doesn’t require significant financial investment at the outset.

You may feel tempted to sign the lease presented to you by the landlord without having it reviewed by a qualified lawyer. However, the experienced, highly knowledgeable tenants’ rights lawyers at Rothamel Bratton suggest you slow down and speak with someone who can review the lease documents. We will make sure you understand all the details of the contract and will negotiate on your behalf to make sure you are getting a deal that’s in your best interests as the tenant.

All Tenants Should Know and Understand Their Rights

  • You Have a Right to Negotiate the Lease: Leases should be in writing. Just because leases are normally prepared by a landlord doesn’t mean the tenant can’t negotiate changes.
  • Security Deposit Rights: Landlords have the right to request security deposits before a tenant moves in; local laws in NJ, PA & FL regulate the amount of the security deposits allowed. We will make certain you won’t pay more than is required by law. Further, we will make sure your lease dictates how your security deposit will be returned in a timely manner at the conclusion of the agreement.
  • You Have a Right to Repairs: Your lease should list your rights when repairs to the property are required. Who pays to fix a leaky toilet? Who takes responsibility when a major appliance must be replaced? Tenants must be protected so they are not forced to pay for repairs to property they don’t own.

Contest Rent Increases

Landlords can request rent increases, but only at the beginning of the lease term. They can’t force you to pay more in an effort to get you to move out or to punish you for lodging a legitimate complaint.

Issues of Discrimination

A landlord can’t discriminate against a tenant based on race, religion, national origin and gender. Talk with a real estate attorney from Rothamel Bratton if you feel your landlord has illegally raised your rent or discriminated against you in any way.

Challenge Notices of Eviction

If you fail to comply with the lease, the landlord may take steps to evict you. However, you may have a legitimate defense and shouldn’t move out without consulting a qualified attorney who can review your situation and attempt to solve grievances without the need for eviction.

Defend Collection Proceedings

The landlord has a right to your rent money, and if you break the lease or force eviction action, they may seek to collect rent due on the balance of the lease. Don’t face these proceedings without a knowledgeable real estate attorney from Rothamel Bratton on your side. Federal and state consumer laws and landlord tenant laws in NJ, PA and FL regulate what methods the landlord can use to collect. Further, as a tenant, you may be able to argue that the landlord didn’t meet certain requirements of your lease, such as making timely property repairs, as an explanation for why you failed to pay rent.

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