A Loan Modification May Save Your Home and Credit Rating In Philadelphia, Ft. Lauderdale, & Haddonfield

Find Out How a Skilled Real Estate Lawyer May Be Able to Protect Your Future

There are many people in the United States trying to balance household budgets during these difficult economic times. If you have found yourself in a situation where your monthly income can’t be stretched far enough to cover all your bills, and your mortgage payments have fallen behind, it may be time to consider a loan modification.

Homeowners in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Florida have the option of applying for a loan modification which would permit them to keep their real estate while satisfying the debt with smaller monthly payments. We invite you to speak with an experienced real estate attorney from Rothamel Bratton who has helped hundreds of people protect their credit ratings and financial futures.

How Do Loan Modifications Work?

You probably didn’t get into financial trouble overnight and you are most likely frustrated and exhausted from dealing with mounting debt. However, when you are working with a knowledgeable real estate attorney on a loan modification, you will feel relieved knowing we will do everything possible to ease the process going forward.

We help you get all the paperwork in place to prove you are eligible for a loan modification and able to meet the obligations of the restructured loan. We assist you in gathering the information your lenders will need to review as they consider your application, including:

    • The value of the home
    • What the home will be worth a year from today
    • The cost of foreclosure including legal fees and keeping up the utilities
    • What the home would bring in a foreclosure
    • The likelihood of default

John Rothamel is well-known by many in South Jersey and the Philadelphia, PA region as a knowledgeable, compassionate real estate lawyer who will stand by his clients through every step of the loan modification process. He will help you prove your ability to pay, and work with you to provide a reasonable explanation for the financial situation you find yourself in. Additionally, we invite you to speak with Mr. Rothamel about how he can help with your other debts and financial obligations.

Have You Considered a Short Sale in Lieu of Loan Modification or Foreclosure?

A short sale is a remedy worth exploring if you do not qualify for a loan modification or are at immediate risk of foreclosure. Our real estate attorneys have helped hundreds of homeowners through the short sale process. A short sale can be a win-win-win for you as the owner, your lender(s) and the buyer. Your lender will recoup a portion of the money it lent you, your seller will get a clear title and a new home, and your credit will take the least hit possible.

We invite you to speak to a short sale lawyer at Rothamel Bratton today about how we can help you sell your house through a short sale, putting you expeditiously on the road to better financial health.

Contact Rothamel Bratton for Loan Modification Advice

If the bill collectors are calling and you are considering bankruptcy and facing foreclosure, don’t panic. Take action and call the experienced NJ, PA & FL loan modification lawyers at Rothamel Bratton. We can help you properly analyze your financial situation and explore manageable home protection options.

Contact us for a consultation with an experienced lawyer who will review your situation and explain your options with regards to loan modification or short sale. Call 888-981-9510 or fill out our convenient online form. We have New Jersey offices in, Haddonfield and Lawrenceville, as well as one in Philadelphia, PA and another in Fort Lauderdale, FL. We represent clients in all neighboring locations.