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Learn More about the Documentation You Need to Protect Yourself and Your Property

Buying a property and choosing to rent it out is a win-win proposition. There are many people who do not purchase property, but need a place to live and/or work. Further, if you are in the position to make a real estate investment in a rental property, you may profit financially from the endeavor as well.

The documents that govern the leasing agreement must be prepared in way that protects the investment property as well as the owners. Well-drafted lease documents and attention to detail when it comes to insurance and other significant landlord-tenant issues are paramount. Consult with an experienced, sought-after real estate attorney with extensive knowledge of leasing law in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Florida. John D. Rothamel, a well-respected member of the Rothamel Bratton legal team, will make sure you and your investment are protected.

Proper Lease Preparation is Important for Landlords

When all goes as planned, the decision to purchase property and lease it out to supplement your income can be lucrative. However, the costs to purchase and maintain residential and commercial properties are expensive. Landlords depend on high occupancy and qualified tenants who will respect and care for the dwelling during occupation, while meeting financial obligations in terms of rent, fees and certain agreed-upon maintenance issues.

The experienced real estate lawyers at Rothamel Bratton represent hundreds of clients, like you, in Haddonfield, NJ, Philadelphia, PA, and Fort Lauderdale, FL, and the surrounding communities. We negotiate lease documents and prepare contracts that protect landlords and owners of commercial and residential properties. Since it is in the best interest of landlords, we work diligently to make sure documents protect tenants, as well.

What Types of Issues are Determined by a Lease?

A lease lays out the “rules” of how a landlord and tenant will interact before, during and after the property is occupied. A well-drafted lease will take many obvious issues into consideration including:

  • Lease terms
  • Financial issues including rent, security deposits, utilities, taxes, etc.
  • Penalties for failure to maintain property
  • Late rent payments; guidelines for subleasing
  • Issues regarding default and eviction

Additionally, experienced real estate attorney John D. Rothamel will advise you about important issues specific to leasing laws including how landlords must handle security deposits, how notification and management of rent increases must be announced and carried out and critical discrimination issues. Laws regarding each of these issues, as well as eviction guidelines, vary from state to state. Mr. Rothamel is knowledgeable about the specific and often complicated real estate laws in NJ, PA and FL.

If necessary, we will take your case to court in an effort to obtain a deficiency judgment against your tenant. You may even be able to seek financial restitution to pay for costs associated with getting a new tenant or to repair damages left by the evicted party.

Landlords/Owners Should Contact Rothamel Bratton for Real Estate Advice

When it comes to drafting a lease agreement, the experienced NJ, PA and FL real estate attorneys at Rothamel Bratton will help protect landlords from the start of negotiations. We will be by your side to work out any disagreements before the lease is signed and will be just a phone call away should any challenging circumstances arise during the course of the lease.

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